Programs to see cameras remotely

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Programs to see cameras remotely

| mercoledì 23 Maggio 2018 - 15:20

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Programs to see cameras remotely

Programs to see cameras remotely

You have to get away from home for some time, the idea of ​​not being able to control the situation of destroying and so, after reading my guide to buying, you thought well to buy cameras through which you can always sincerare, however, even at a distance, of the fact that there are no problems in your home. However, if you are here now and you are reading these lines, it seems clear to me that there is one thing that is not very clear to you: which software is to be used together with your video surveillance system? Well, if you give me a few minutes of your precious time, I can show you.

With this article of mine today I want to illustrate all those who in my humble opinion are the best programs to see cameras remotely and then you can just use it in a situation of this type. There are a little ‘for all tastes: free and paid for Windows and Mac, easy to use and configure and with more advanced settings and so on and so forth. In short, in the end you will see, you will certainly find a solution that can satisfy you. Oh, I almost forgot, for completeness of information at the end of the article will be my concern to indicate some apps for smartphones and tablets useful for the purpose and that I think can make you comfortable.

Then? What would you say to finally put the talk aside and get immediately into the heart of the matter? Yes? Fantastic! Positioned so comfortable in front of your trustworthy computer, take a few moments for yourself and concentrate on reading this tutorial of mine, all focused on the subject in question. I am sure that in the end you will be able to tell you very happy and satisfied and that, even in case of need you will be ready to provide useful advice to all your friends eager to receive some similar advice. Video surveillance programs:

Programs to see cameras remotely – AtHome Camera (Windows)

Programs to see cameras remotely

We begin this excursus between the programs to see remote cameras talking about AtHome Camera. From the name it is understood quite quickly: it is a software for Windows specifically conceived for home video surveillance. It is compatible with almost all the IP cameras on the market and can also be used in combination with a webcam connected to the computer. It also offers the opportunity to schedule the execution of various operations. It’s free.

Do you wonder how to use it? I’ll explain it to you right away! For starters connected to the Internet site of the program, click on the item Download that is at the top and then presses the Download button that corresponds to the word Windows in the AtHome Camera section. Then extract the ZIP file that was downloaded to your pC in any position of Windows and then start the file in your interior and click on Run first, then on Next five times in a row, then on Install and to finish on Finish.

Note: If you see an alert appearing asking you if you want to add the software to the firewall exceptions you consent. If you do not do this, AtHome Camera will not work properly.

Then wait for the AtHome Camera window to be visible on the desktop and create a free account by filling in with your email address and the password you want to use to access the registration section after which you will finally find yourself in front of the main program screen.

On the left you will find the complete list of the connected cameras, while on the right there are the various tabs to see live what is happening on each connected device (Live Video), to view the alerts (Allert Video), to schedule the recordings (Scheduled Recording), to view local videos (Local Video) and those in the cloud (Cloud Video).

To add a camera to be viewed remotely, click on the Add room button on the top left and provide the required info (CID camera, username and password). If you want to modify the AtHome Camera settings, you have to click on the Settings button, always present at the top.

If you’re interested in it, then I’ll point out that there is also a version of AtHome Camera that turns the computer into a surveillance device using the webcam attached to it. It is free and as well as being available for Windows is also usable on Mac. You always download from the page used for downloading the program’s Internet site, from the AtHome Video Streamer section. An app is also available for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets (for more info, read the final step of this guide).

Programs to see cameras remotely – Tebocam (Windows)

Programs to see cameras remotely

Another program in the category that I suggest you experiment with is TeboCam. It is a resource for video surveillance that can be used both in combination with IP cameras and the computer webcam. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that it “realizes” if something changes in the image and sends a message via email in case there are unexpected movements. It’s free and it’s only for Windows operating systems.

To serve, connect to the program’s website and click on the Download button. Subsequently, extract the downloaded ZIP file to any location on your PC and start the file contained in it to start the installation of TeboCam. Then click on Run, on Next twice in a row and then on Install then finish the setup by pressing on Finish.

Start the program by calling it from the Start menu (or Start Screen, depending on the version of Windows you are using) or by double clicking on the icon that was added to the desktop after which click on the Add Webcam button (USB / IP) it is at the top to add and configure the cameras you want to use for surveillance remains.

Once the configuration has been completed, you will be shown the video in the appropriate box below. In the right part of the program window you can find the graph with the activities performed and the camera logs. At the bottom left there are the settings related to the alarms and the activation of the camera.

On the other hand you can find the tabs through which you can fully manage the program. For example, from the Images tab you can view all the images collected by the camera, while through the Alerts tab you can adjust all the settings related to the alerts. To apply the various and possible changes, just click on the Save Changes button at the bottom right.

Programs to see cameras remotely – Periscope Pro (Mac)

Programs to see cameras remotely

Do you use a Mac and are you looking for programs to see remote cameras specifically designed for Apple branded computers? Then you can try Periscope Pro. This is in fact an application that allows you to monitor home by connecting to the IP cameras you can install as well as taking advantage of the webcam of the Mac. It also allows you to save the recordings, both locally and on Dropbox, and allows you to customize various parameters (eg the framerate and resolution of the movies to be recorded). It is a paid solution (it costs just under 20 euros) but can be used free of charge for a trial period.

To use it, purchase (or download the trial version) from the website of the application by clicking on its buttons. To purchase and / or download complete open the file in .dmg format that has been downloaded on your Mac and drag the Inca of Periscope Pro in the Applcations folder through the new window appeared on the desk. Start the app by calling it from the Applications folder (or from Spotlight, via Siri or via the Launchpad).

Once the main screen of Periscope Pro is displayed, click on the button with the camera to add the IP cameras you want to monitor and to configure their use. Instead, by clicking on the button with the microphone you can adjust the use of the microphone, while the other button on the left of allows you to intervene on the motion sensor. Then you can view your movies in the central part of the window by clicking on the button below.

By pressing the button with the gear at the bottom left you can access the advanced settings of the application, while clicking on the button at the bottom right of the main screen of Periscope Pro you can view all the recordings that have been made.

Programs to see cameras remotely – AirBeam Pro (Mac)

Programs to see cameras remotely

As an alternative to the above program, if you use a Mac you can also consider the use of AirBeam Pro. It is a paid resource (costs 4.49 euros) but unlike the resources already reported does not support the cameras IP but works only in conjunction with other Apple devices turning the latter into surveillance devices taking advantage of the camera. The beauty is that in order to be used, the application does not require any kind of configuration.

To use it, you just need to buy and download the application from the Mac App Store, launch it from the Applications folder (or via Spotlight, Siri or Launchpad) and wait for Airbeam Pro to automatically identify the other Macs, iPhones and iPads with the installed application and connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Once detected, video transmission will start in the Monitor section. Clearly, nothing prevents you from manually adding your devices by clicking on the “+” button at the bottom right.

By accessing the Camera section, you can take snapshots of what is taken by the camera of the various devices connected to the network, while the Recordings section allows you to make recordings.

If you are interested in it, please note that it is also possible to transform the Mac into a surveillance device, and control everything from the iPhone or iPad using the companion AirBeam app that is totally free and that you can always download from the Mac App Store. There is also a specific app for iOS (find more details about it in the next step) that allows you to do the same from mobile.

Programs to see cameras remotely – App to see remote cameras

Programs to see cameras remotely

As anticipated at the opening, as well as signaling those that I consider to be the most interesting programs to see cameras remotely I would like to point out some apps for smartphones and tablets useful for the purpose that you can download and use on your devices coupled to your video surveillance system. Here they are.

  1. AtHome Camera: home security (Android / iOS) – It is the variant for smartphone and tablet of AtHome Camera software that I talked to you at the beginning of the post. Turn your Android and iOS devices into a center for monitoring remote cameras and offers many options. You download for free.
  2. Surveillance (Android / iOS) – Excellent app capable of transforming Android smartphones and tablets as well as iOS devices into a system for remote monitoring of your home spaces. It also includes a noise detection and acoustic signaling system. You download for free (but offers purchases in for the addition of some features).
  3. Spy camera video surveillance (Android / iOS) – Another good app from the category that can be used in combination with IP cameras of various brands. It can also turn your smartphone, tablet or computer into a sophisticated video surveillance system with attached position tracking. You download for free.
  4. tinyCam Monitor (Android) – Application that allows remote control of homes and offices and offers the possibility of digital video recording on both IP network and video encoder and DVR. For the tinyCam Monitor to work properly, a 3 or 4 Giga FLAT connection or a Wi-Fi connection is required. You can download for free (but it is available in a Pro version, for a fee, with extra funsi).
  5. AtHome Video Streamer (Android) – It’s the companion app of the program to see remote cameras that I told you at the beginning of the article. Turn your smartphone or Android tablet into a monitoring camera. You download for free.
  6. AirBeam Video Surveillance (iOS) – It is the companion app for Apple mobile device of AirBeam Pro, the program of which I spoke to you a few lines more on. It allows access to the camera of the other Apple devices on which the application was installed and to monitor various environments remotely as well as to configure iPhone and iPad as video surveillance devices. It costs 4.49 eu

Programs to see cameras remotely

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