How to put the private profile on Instagram

How to put the private profile on Instagram Since you joined Instagram, you spend a lot of time posting photos and videos of the various activities you do in your (little) free time: the shots of the holidays spent with your friends, the dishes that you cook for dinner and many other glimpses of the […]

As saved in PDF

As saved in PDF The files in PDF format, is well known, are the most widespread, especially as regards the distribution of textual documents that do not require changes. Well aware of all this and need to save your files in the format in question so you can share them with other users more easily, […]

How to change writing on WhatsApp

How to change writing on WhatsApp Although you are a WhatsApp user for some time, you have not yet become familiar with all the features of this famous messaging app and, specifically, you have trouble formatting the text of your messages. Not being able to write words in bold or italic, you looked for information […]

Like having many I like the photos on Facebook

Like having many I like the photos on Facebook You are a big fan of photography and you would like to spread your shots on all social networks, Facebook, in particular, but you do not know where to start? Are you going to make a Facebook page where you can post a lot of your […]

How Smartwatch works

How Smartwatch works They gave you a smartwatch and you are now the proud owner of a brand new technological jewel that you can not wait to carry with you on your wrist. You are quite happy with this gift but, after opening your box and wearing it, you have noticed that you still have […]

How the payment works on Amazon

How the payment on Amazon works After reading my guide on how Amazon works, you’ve decided to make your next purchases on the Jeff Bezos platform and you’ve already filled your virtual shopping cart. Before completing the order, however, you would like some more information on what payment methods are accepted on Amazon and how […]

How to find a password

How to find a password Have you lost the password needed to access your favorite social network? Do not remember more well what is the key word with which you access your inbox online? Are you desperate because you can no longer find a password with which you accessed one of your favorite websites? Do […]

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