How to reset blocked iPhone

Damn! You have forgotten the unlock code of your iPhone and after 6 attempts, you have permanently blocked the phone. I bet you’re already thinking of bringing your iPhone to the nearest Apple center, with the possibility of having to pay even a few euros because of the expired warranty. And if instead I told […]

How to inflate feedback on eBay

By now you should know: checking the feedback on eBay, or the votes released by users to sellers and buyers after the conclusion of a deal, is essential to avoid scams and scams within the famous e-commerce platform founded by Pierre Omidyar. But were you aware that some scammers “trick” their feedback to increase their […]

How to properly use pyrotechnic fires

Information and advice Who buys and uses pyrotechnic products with accuracy and listening to the advice of expert staff, makes party and has fun without a hitch; who does the brave and makes his own head is likely to get hurt and in some cases to ruin his life forever. A) BEFORE PURCHASE Make sure […]

How to delete Netflix account

How to delete Netflix account When you subscribed to Netflix, you immediately became a binge watcher, that is one of those people who spend whole afternoons or entire evenings to “devour” TV series watching one episode after another. If you were you would still be, but the work commitments and, above all, your private life […]

How to see stories on Instagram without being seen

You have been a member of Instagram for a very long time and have now acquired a certain familiarity in using the main features of this social network. You have become a “master” in posting quality photos, cleverly using hashtags and creating a respectable following. However, there are some aspects of Instagram that you have […]

How to use WhatsApp Web

Use WhatsApp on your smartphone, a friend told you that you can use the famous instant messaging app even from the Web, on your computer, but you do not have the faintest idea how to do it? Quiet! Once again you can count on me! Poso fact explain to me, step by step, how to […]

How to delete a Messenger Account

How to Delete a Messenger Account In the last weeks you’ve been receiving a multitude of messages on Messenger and after thinking about it for a while, you’ve taken a drastic decision: you just want to delete your account to avoid being bothered again. There’s just a little problem. You don’t know how to Delete a […]

WhatsApp does not work: what to do

These are hours that relentlessly trying to send messages on Whatsapp but, for some strange reason, you can not get in touch with your friends, using the well-known instant messaging application. Before you can panic and think about some kind of cataclysm, let’s try to understand why WhatsApp does not work and what to do […]

How not to be spied on the phone

How not to be spied on the phone The news of the last few months unfortunately have told us of many cases of informatic espionage perpetrated to the detriment of tens of thousands of users. In many cases, crackers (“bad” hackers, who use their computer skills and skills to spy and / or harm others) […]

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