Facebook, importante novità per gli utenti

Facebook sta rilasciando in queste ore i suoi Avatars, ovvero personaggi virtuali che possono essere personalizzati con le nostre sembianze esattamente come è possibile fare con i Bitmoji o le Memoji di Apple. In altri termini tutti gli utenti di Facebook potranno presto – la funzionalità è attivata in forma di roll-out graduale – creare il proprio clone digitale […]

L’annuncio di Facebook, la novità che fa tutti felici

Facebook ha deciso di potenziare le sue piattaforme di messaggistica lanciando Messenger Rooms, che potrà ospitare fino a 50 persone nella stessa stanza, e dando a WhatsApp la capacità di includere fino a 8 persone nelle chiamate e video di gruppo. In un solo colpo, dunque, Facebook fa compiere un salto importante a Messenger e WhatsApp, […]

How to see the phone number on Messenger

Since you have been using Messenger, you have finally regained contact with all your old schoolmates, whom you had completely lost track of. From time to time, you greet each other using the popular instant messaging service provided by Facebook and remember the “good times” of when you went to school. However, chatting seems like […]

How to enter an Instagram profile

How to enter an Instagram profile It’s been a while since all your friends talk to you about Instagram, the popular photo social network purchased by Facebook. More and more people you know are using it daily by uploading photos and videos via the application. You too, in the past, you were registered to the […]

How to see secret conversations Messenger

How to see secret conversations Messenger Are you a little ‘fixed with the privacy and security of your account and, when you know of the possibility to send messages that self-destruct via Facebook Messenger you jumped for joy? Have your friends told you about these secret conversations and can not wait to learn more? I […]

How to unsubscribe from Shpock

After hearing about it from all your friends, you’ve finally decided to sign up for Shpock, a website that is widely used as a virtual market to sell items that you do not care about anymore. After browsing through the website in question and even after downloading the application for Android and iOS, you realized […]

How to enter a Facebook profile without friendship

Visiting some Facebook profiles, have you noticed that you can not view the photos and posts because you have not sent the friend request to the users to which they belong? Would you like to find a way to view more information about the Facebook profiles in question? If you answered these questions in the […]

How to see followers on ASK

You are a lover of social networks and instant messaging applications and you are also a person who never gives up on trends. Precisely for this reason, when your friends have advised you to download the application of Ask and use this social network also from its official website, you certainly did not have to […]

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