How to get PlayStation Plus for free

How to get PlayStation Plus for free You’ve just bought a PS4 and, after hearing so much about it, you can not wait to get into the world of PlayStation Plus, but you’re not willing to spend money before figuring out if this service is right for you. Before explaining how to get PlayStation Plus […]

How to do for download Happy Wheels

How to do for download Happy Wheels You are not a big fan of video games, but the idea of ​​being able to switch off from work and spend a couple of minutes relaxing has pushed you to look for a nice free pastime. Your search was interrupted when you heard of Happy Wheels, a […]

How to install Photoshop

How to install Photoshop To do an important job you need to use a professional graphics program. In this regard, you are aware of the wide possibilities offered by the well-known Photoshop software and are therefore willing to install it on your computer. Until now there would be no problem, if it were not that […]

How to see the phone number on Messenger

Since you have been using Messenger, you have finally regained contact with all your old schoolmates, whom you had completely lost track of. From time to time, you greet each other using the popular instant messaging service provided by Facebook and remember the “good times” of when you went to school. However, chatting seems like […]

How to enter an Instagram profile

How to enter an Instagram profile It’s been a while since all your friends talk to you about Instagram, the popular photo social network purchased by Facebook. More and more people you know are using it daily by uploading photos and videos via the application. You too, in the past, you were registered to the […]

How to download Mac music

How to download Mac music Have you just switched to Mac and are you looking for programs that allow you to download music from the Internet? So I have good news to give you: you’ve come to the right place at the right time. With today’s tutorial, I would like to suggest some applications for […]

How to upload music to iTunes

How to upload music to iTunes Thanks to your new iPhone you have discovered the convenience of iTunes, which now you intend to rely on to play all the music on your computer: it is a program as simple as functional, just know where to “get your hands” to turn it into a valid ally […]

How to see secret conversations Messenger

How to see secret conversations Messenger Are you a little ‘fixed with the privacy and security of your account and, when you know of the possibility to send messages that self-destruct via Facebook Messenger you jumped for joy? Have your friends told you about these secret conversations and can not wait to learn more? I […]

How to remove Trotux

By starting the browser that you usually use to surf the web from your PC you noticed something strange, very strange: the default home page has been changed and in its place displays a screen related to a strange search engine that you’ve never seen first: Trotux. Thinking that you have changed the settings of […]

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