How WhatsApp Business works

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How WhatsApp Business works

| giovedì 22 Marzo 2018 - 12:15

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How WhatsApp Business works

How Whatsapp Business work

If you have a business, you will surely be interested in finding out in detail what WhatsApp Business is and How Whatsapp Business work. The developer company of WhatsApp, known instant messaging application, has finally made it available for download. Since this app is similar to WhatsApp, but has additional features designed for businesses, this is a very interesting news.

As I’ll explain in the course of this guide, WhatsApp Business remains essentially a messaging application. Although the main purpose has remained unchanged, compared to traditional application, there are a number of innovations. The ultimate goal is clearly to allow companies to stay in touch with their customers, through interaction tools that can improve work, simplifying it.

How do you say? Do you think WhatsApp Business may be suitable for your business? Would you like to know how to download the app on your device and how to start using it? Very well! So you’ve come to the right tutorial. In the lines that follow, I will explain step by step how to download, install and configure WhatsApp Business, so you can use it for work. Sit comfortably and dedicate a few minutes of free time; you will see that you will be satisfied with what you have learned. I wish you a good read!


  • How Whatsapp Business work – How to install and download WhatsApp Business
  • How Whatsapp Business work – How to configure WhatsApp Business
  • How Whatsapp Business work – What it is and how WhatsApp Business works

How Whatsapp Business work – How to install and download WhatsApp Business

At the time of writing this guide, WhatsApp Business was officially released only for Android. So if you want to start using this instant messaging application, you must first download it from your device’s Play Store.

To download WhatsApp Business, then tap to the Google Play Store icon which shows the icon with a colored triangle symbol. Once you have started the PlayStore, tap the search engine at the top. In the text field you will see on the screen, type in WhatsApp Business and then click on the Search button on your smartphone keyboard.

As soon as you see the search results, find the WhatsApp Business application; presents the icon with the symbol of a comic with a white B in the center. Pay attention to any imitations: the official application is developed by WhatsApp Inc.

If you have correctly identified the WhatsApp Business application, you can tap on its icon. To install it, press the Install button and then the Accept button. At the end of the download and installation the Open button will appear. Tap on it to start the app.

I remind you that once downloaded, you can start the app by tapping on its icon that will be added on the main screen of your Android device.

How Whatsapp Business work

Alternatively, if you have an Android smartphone that does not feature the PlayStore, you can download WhatsApp Business via APK. To do this, I recommend you take action on the well-known website.

Then click on this link from your smartphone and once you’ve found the latest version of the WhatsApp Business application based on the release date, tap the down arrow button. From the next screen you will see, download the application by pressing the Download APK button.

How Whatsapp Business work

Do not forget that to download the APK of applications via the site, you will need to activate the Unknown sources option. The path from the Android settings is Settings> Security> Unknown sources.

How Whatsapp Business work – How to configure WhatsApp Business

How Whatsapp Business work

The first thing you need to do to start using WhatsApp Business is to configure your phone number with this special version of the instant messaging application. To do this, start the application and perform the configuration wizard together with me.

When opening the app, the first thing to do is to accept the terms and conditions of the service; then press the Accept button and continue to go to the next step. Now you will need to enter and verify the phone number you wish to associate with WhatsApp Business.

Please note that you can also use your company’s landline number and that you can use both WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business at the same time on your device. In the latter case, however, each application must be connected to a different telephone number. You can not use WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business on the same number.

To check the telephone number, select the country code using the drop-down menu that you will see on the screen and type your phone number in the text field below.

Then press the Next button and, if your phone number has already been associated with WhatsApp, a message will appear asking if you want to transfer your phone number from WhatsApp to WhatsApp Business.

To confirm this option press on Next and then on the Continue button, so that WhatsApp Business can access your messages. This last option is necessary for the confirmation of your mobile number. In this way, when you receive an SMS from WhatsApp Business, this will be automatically inserted in the text field dedicated to the verification.

Subsequently, you also consent to requests from WhatsApp that refer to the ability to send messages, access your contacts, your photos and all the multimedia content on your device. Then press the Continue and Allow buttons when prompted.

How Whatsapp Business work

If the mobile number you just registered with WhatsApp Business has already been used for the WhatsApp application, WhatsApp Business will take this into account. You will be asked if you want to restore the backup, if it were present. To do this, press the Reset button when you are prompted and, once the backup is restored, press the Next button to continue.

We are almost there; the initial configuration of WhatsApp Business is almost complete. What you need to do now will be to indicate the name of your business. Then I go to the activity info screen. Please note that once set, the activity name can no longer be changed. To confirm the chosen name, press the Next button and then the OK button.

Congratulations! You have successfully completed the initial configuration of WhatsApp Business; now you just have to wait for the initialization of the application to start using it.

How Whatsapp Business work – What it is and how WhatsApp Business works

How Whatsapp Business work

Once you have successfully completed the configuration of your business phone number on WhatsApp Business, you will be able to access the main screen. The latter is called Chat and its operation is identical to WhatsApp.

In this section you will see all the conversations you have previously started in the WhatsApp application. If, as I indicated, you have correctly restored the backup, you will find them in WhatsApp Business.

In terms of instant messaging, WhatsApp Business works just like WhatsApp. You can then send and receive messages like you’ve always done. But what differentiates WhatsApp Business from WhatsApp is the presence of some additional features that allow to simplify and improve the interaction with customers. In the following lines I will explain what these options are, how to activate and configure them.

The first operation to do is tap the button with the symbol of the three dots located at the top right. From the drop-down menu you will see on the screen, then tap on the words Settings and, using the next screen, tap the words Activity settings. In this way you can customize some settings related to your profile on WhatsApp Business.

How Whatsapp Business work

Then tap on the Profile item you can see in Activity Settings; To change all the data that refer to his activity, tap the pencil symbol located in the upper right corner.

You can thus see different text fields on screen, including those related to the address, category and description of your business. You can also set the opening hours, indicate the email address and the official website of your company. Once you have changed all the text fields, press the Save button, located in the upper right corner.

Returning now to the Settings section, I suggest you tap on the words Absent Message, Welcome Message and Quick Answers.

By tapping on the text Message of absence, you can set an automatic message that will be sent to people who will contact you via WhatsApp Business, when you are not available.

To activate the absence message, move the lever from OFF to ON in correspondence with the message Send absence message and then, next to the word Message, press the button with the symbol of a pencil. You will then be able to customize the message that will be sent to those who will write to you when you are not available on WhatsApp Business.

Then tap on the word Time; you can choose how to send the message of absence. Then check the option you prefer the most. If you choose the Always Send option, you will always send an automatic message as soon as people contact you when you are not online. With the custom time option you can choose predefined times in which an automatic message will be sent to your customers.

How Whatsapp Business work

If instead you have set the opening hours of your business, following what I have indicated above, I suggest you select the words Outside the opening hours. In this way the automatic absence message will be sent only outside the opening hours.

To confirm these options, press the Save button you can see located at the top right. I remind you that the absence messages will be sent only when the phone is connected to the Internet.

In the Welcome messages section, move the lever from OFF to ON in correspondence with the message Send welcome message. You can send a welcome message to people who contact you for the first time on WhatsApp Business. The message can be customized by tapping on the button with the pencil symbol, corresponding to the word Message. To confirm these changes, press the Save button at the top right again.

How Whatsapp Business work

If you want to simplify and speed up contacts with your customers through WhatsApp Business, instead tap on the Quick Answers heading that you can always see in Activity Settings.

Quick responses are quick links that allow you to send personalized text. Using quick answers, you can create shortcuts that will allow you to quickly send a message you write frequently.

For example, by setting up a quick reply / thank you, you can quickly send a thank you message; or through the quick reply / contacts you can indicate the opening and closing times of your business.

Those that I have indicated to you are only common examples of quick answers. To customize and add new ones, tap the (+) button and enter a new quick reply.

In the Message text field you will have to type in the message you want to send, while in the Quick Link text field you will need to write the quick shortcut, after the symbol (/). Just to give you one last example, in my application of WhatsApp Business I added the shortcut / sitoweb to quickly send to my contacts the link of my website,

Before leaving you to use WhatsApp Business, I want to tell you the possibility of being able to view the messages through the WhatsApp Web service and the WhatsApp client for Windows and Mac. The message synchronization procedure of WhatsApp Business is identical to the one that goes performed for WhatsApp.

You will then have to download the WhatsApp client from the official website or go to the WhatsApp Web service website and log in by scanning the QR code. If you need help to perform this procedure, read my guide where I explain how to use WhatsApp Web.

How Whatsapp Business work



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