How to sign up for Amazon Prime

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How to sign up for Amazon Prime

| domenica 08 Aprile 2018 - 22:45

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How to sign up for Amazon Prime

How to sign up for Amazon Prime

Amazon has become the point of reference for all your purchases: on the famous e-commerce site you have bought every kind of product, from the latest generation smartphone to all the birthday gifts for your relatives and your friends. You have discovered that Amazon dedicates numerous benefits and exclusive services to customers who subscribe to a Prime subscription and you are convinced that it is the right service for your needs. I guessed? Well, then today is your lucky day because you’ve come to the right place at the right time.

In today’s guide, in fact, you will find indications on How to sign up for Amazon Prime: I will guide you in activating the service step by step, showing you the registration procedures from computers and mobile devices. It will be my concern to also inform you about the services and all the advantages you can take advantage of, such as free shipments in 24 hours, access to exclusive sections that allow you to buy food and the opportunity to watch movies and TV series in streaming and much more.

If I have intrigued you and can not wait to take advantage of all the advantages available to Prime customers, do not waste any more time in chatter: make yourself comfortable, take five minutes of free time and read the next paragraphs carefully. I can assure you that activating your Prime subscription on Amazon is really a breeze and I’m sure you can do it quickly. Enjoy the reading!

How to sign up for Amazon Prime – Benefits and costs of Amazon Prime

How to sign up for Amazon Prime


Before entering into the registration and activation procedures, it is useful to find out what are the advantages of Amazon Prime. In fact, many believe that the subscription to the service offers only the possibility of not paying shipping costs and receiving purchases in one working day. In fact Amazon Prime is much more: with the Prime subscription, you can take advantage of many services, including access to a rich catalog of movies and TV series in streaming, but also music and numerous exclusive products.

  • Shipping: with Amazon Prime shipping costs are free and delivery is guaranteed in one working day on over one million products.
  • Preview offers: Prime customers can access bids at least 30 minutes in advance of regular customers.
  • Amazon Prime Video: Amazon Prime subscription includes free access to Amazon Prime Video, a virtual video library with numerous on demand content that allows you to watch movies, TV series, shows and Japanese anime. To learn more about this topic you can read my guide on how Amazon Prime Video Italia works.
  • Amazon Music Unlimited: Prime customers have the opportunity to subscribe to an annual subscription to the Amazon music service at an advantageous price that saves two months of subscription. If you do not know the service, you can read my guide on how Amazon Music Unlimited works.
  • Amazon Prime Now: for the most demanding customers, Amazon provides Prime Now that allows deliveries in just a few hours. At the moment this function is only for Prime customers who live in Milan.
  • Amazon Pantry: the section where you can buy a wide range of everyday consumer items, including food and household products.
  • Amazon Dash Button: small devices that allow you to associate individual products and buy them with a simple click. You can deepen the subject by reading my guide dedicated to Amazon Dash Button.
  • Prime Day: the day of discounts organized by Amazon and dedicated exclusively to Prime customers, with exclusive offers.
  • Amazon Drive: a storage space to upload unlimited photos and up to 5 GB of video and file space.
  • Twitch Prime: allows you to connect your Amazon account to and enjoy monthly in-game content at no additional cost, view streaming content on Twitch without ads and get exclusive discounts on pre-game video games on Amazon.

Amazon Prime can be activated for free for the first 30 days, then automatically continues at a cost of 19.99 euros / year, but you can turn it off at any time: soon I’ll tell you how.

How to sign up for Amazon Prime – How to sign up for Amazon Prime from a computer

How to sign up for Amazon Prime

To subscribe to Amazon Prime, connected to the site, presses the Subscribe to Prime item at the top left and click on the yellow Subscribe button and use it free for 30 days. If you already have an Amazon account, enter your details in the Email address or mobile number and Password fields and press the Login button, if you’ve never registered on Amazon and you do not have an account yet, create one by pressing the button gray Create your Amazon account. Then enter your details in the fields Your name, Email, Password and presses the yellow button Create your Amazon account to access the section dedicated to Amazon Prime.

Now, enter your credit card details in the Card number, Card holder, Expiry date fields and press the Next button, then enter a billing address by typing your details in the fields Name and surname, Address, City, Province, Postal code , Country, Phone number and click on Save this address. To complete the registration, presses the button Subscribe now, 30 days free and you’re done.

If you have already taken advantage of the free trial of Amazon Prime and now you want to activate the service again, press on Subscribe to Prime and click on the yellow Subscribe button, make sure that the payment method and the billing address are correct and presses the button Sign up and pay. Within a few minutes the 19.99 euro activation fee will be debited to your card and you will be able to take advantage of all the advantages dedicated to you. I leave you to my guide on how Amazon Prime works to better understand how to use the service.

Also, you need to know that you can subscribe to Amazon Prime through promotional codes. Amazon, in fact, collaborates with many companies and these provide users with codes for Amazon Prime that can be redeemed on the behemoth of Jeff Bezos. If you are in possession of a promotion code, connected to the website, enter the code in the Enter the Amazon Prime promotional code field and press the Verify button. The renewal date of your Amazon Prime subscription will automatically be updated.

How to sign up for Amazon Prime from smartphones and tablets

How to sign up for Amazon Prime

Although Amazon is also available as an application for Android, iOS and Windows 10 Mobile devices, Amazon Prime can not be activated via the app. You can still register using the browser on your device.

Then start the browser on your smartphone or tablet, connected to the site and presses the button Start the free period of 30 days. If you already have an account, select the Login item and enter your login details in the Email, Amazon Password fields and press the Login button to log in.

If you have not yet registered, select the item Create an account and choose whether to register via SMS by tapping on the Use instead of your mobile number or email by pressing the option instead of using your email address. Then enter the required data and tap the Create Amazon account button, then press the entry Add a new payment method, enter your card details and billing address and presses the Continue button to activate Amazon Prime.

How to sign up for Amazon Prime – How to disable the renewal of Amazon Prime

How to sign up for Amazon Prime

Activating Amazon Prime will also activate the automatic subscription renewal. You can deactivate it with just a few clicks, at any time and without any restrictions. Deactivation can take place both if the free trial is activated, or if an annual subscription has been activated. In both cases it will obviously be possible to continue to use the Prime services until the natural expiry of the subscription.

If you have activated the 30-day free trial and you want to avoid being charged for costs at the end of the trial, press on My Prime and click on the Do not continue option on the left, then press the Cancel subscription button and confirm pressing again on the Cancel subscription button.

If, on the other hand, you have an annual subscription and you do not want it to be automatically renewed when it expires, the procedure is similar to the one described above. On the main Amazon page, click on the item My Prime and in the left box presses on the Unsubscribe item. You can learn more about this by reading my guide on how to disable Amazon Prime.

How to sign up for Amazon Prime

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