How to recover deleted Messenger messages

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How to recover deleted Messenger messages

| sabato 17 Marzo 2018 - 20:10

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How to recover deleted Messenger messages

How to recover deleted Messenger messages

Damn, you really need to recover the old message that was sent to you some time ago on Messenger, but once you open the Facebook screen, you realized that there is no longer any trace. In fact it’s been a long time since you received it, probably you’ve also eliminated it from recent chats, but having it available now would make you really comfortable but, unfortunately, you do not know how to visualize it.

I am happy to announce that you are lucky, because you are in the right place, at a time that could not be better: in the lines to follow, in fact, I will show you by thread and sign how to recover deleted Messenger messages from the list of recent chats, accessing to the “hidden” section that contains all the archived messages. Do not be afraid, no special computer skills are required to perform this operation: these are really simple procedures and within reach of those who, like you, have some problems chewing on technology!

Without this premise, it is time to get to work: recovers a few minutes of time, sit comfortably and read carefully everything I have to say on the subject. I am sure that, once you have reached the end of this guide, you will be perfectly able to complete the task you have set yourself. That said, I can only wish you good reading and … good research!

Recover deleted Messenger messages PC

How to recover deleted Messenger messages

As I mentioned earlier, when the messages seem “deleted” from the main chat, these are actually moved between the messages stored and not permanently deleted by Messenger. Accessing and retrieving Messenger messages deleted in this way, from a computer, is child’s play: all you need to know is where to look!

To start with, connected to the main Facebook page, log in (if necessary), then click on the Messenger chat icon located at the top right (the one marked with a “lightning” in the center) and , later, on the item See all on Messenger resident in the lower part of the new box that appears.

Once you have access to the “enlarged” window of Messenger, click on the ⚙ button located at the top left, then on the item Archived conversations present in the new menu proposed: done this operation, all the archived messages are shown in the left panel and “cataloged “For chat. You can go back to the main message list by clicking on the <button at the top left.

If you do not intend to go to the main Facebook page but you want to directly access the messaging interface of Messenger messages, you can directly visit the dedicated section of by connecting to this website and logging in when requested.

Download the chat archive

If you need to download the archived messages of Messenger on your PC, you can use the automatic procedure provided by Facebook: in this way, you have the possibility to obtain a copy not only of your messages, but of all data (photos, videos, links and so on) that you have shared on Facebook, starting from the creation of your account.

To proceed, connected to the main page of the social network, click on the arrow pointing down at the top right and select the item Settings from the menu that opens.

How to recover deleted Messenger messages

Next, click on the item Download a copy at the bottom of the box, then on the Start my archive button, enter your Facebook password in the new panel and press the Send and Start my archive buttons: after some time (which may vary at depending on the amount of information stored on Facebook), a link containing the complete copy of personal data, which includes the stored Messenger messages, will be sent to the email address with which you are subscribed to the social network.

At the same time, at the end of the creation of the archive, you will also receive a notification on Facebook. If I were not able to open the archive containing the data, I suggest you refer to my tutorial on how to open ZIP files.

Recover deleted Messenger messages from Android

You do not have a PC available to complete the procedure I showed you just now? Do not worry, you can safely recover deleted Messenger messages even using an Android device, choosing one of the methods that I am going to illustrate below.

Messenger app

How to recover deleted Messenger messages

The first method I want to explain, the easiest one, requires the installation of the Messenger app for Android, which you can download directly from the Google Play Store.

To proceed, presses the icon of the latter app from the main screen of your device (the symbol ▶ colored), type the word Messenger in the search bar located at the top, tap the magnifying glass icon, then on the Messenger app icon (the blue balloon with a lightning bolt in the center) and finally on the green Install button. If you’re reading this guide from your Android device, you can tap this link to quickly start installing Messenger from the Play Store.

At this point the game is done: start the app, follow the on-screen instructions to configure it (you will be asked if you want to enter a phone number, use it as an SMS manager and send an invitation to your contacts) and, complete the settings, tap the search bar at the top, type the name of the contact you want to recover deleted messages, if necessary touch the Search button, select from the list the chat you are interested in and scroll back the conversation until you find archived messages. Easier than that ?!

Google Chrome

How to recover deleted Messenger messages

Another good way to access the Messenger message archive from Android is to use the Google Chrome browser: in short, you have to access the desktop version of the Messenger web platform (you can not access the chat using the mobile version of the portal) and, from there, recall the archive section.

To proceed, start the browser by calling it from the app list of your device, then type in the bar at the top and touch Enter (you can also tap directly on the link, if you are viewing this guide from the your browser on Android), presses the ⋮ button located at the top right and tap the desktop site box to put a check mark.

Once the page has been reloaded, insert the username and password to log in to Facebook, tap the Login button and, if you enlarge the page if necessary, act exactly as I have explained to you regarding the computer procedure: in short, presses the ⚙ button located in the upper left corner and selects the Conversations item stored from the new proposed menu.

Search in the cache

How to recover deleted Messenger messages

If you just can not recover messages deleted by Messenger with none of the procedures suggested above, you can try to find them from the Messenger cache for Android: if you installed the app and then deleted the messages, a copy of them may still be present in the folder dedicated to the app itself. Unfortunately I can not guarantee 100% of success, because Messenger does not always create a copy of its messages on the device’s memory: groped, however, never harms!

For starters, get a file manager to use for the purpose: personally I recommend File Manager +, free download from Google Play Store, through which you can access with little effort to the internal memory of your device. If you want, you can still use any file manager you prefer.

Once you have downloaded and installed the manager, launch it from the list of apps, then presses the icon on the main memory (or internal storage) of your device and access the Android folders> date> com.facebook.orca> cache> fb_temp: se you’re lucky, inside, you can find files containing deleted Messenger messages.

Recover deleted Messenger messages from iOS

If you have an iPhone or iPad and you need to recover deleted Messenger messages, you can access the section of archived messages in the chat and get the desired result: below I will show you how to proceed using both the Messenger app for iOS and the browser Safari. You will see, you will succeed in your intent in less than no time.

Messenger app

How to recover deleted Messenger messages


For starters, start the Messenger app by calling it from the app list of your iPhone or iPad: if you have not yet installed it, start the App Store (the icon with su depicted an “A” on a blue background), press on icon in the shape of a magnifying glass placed at the bottom right, type the word Messenger in the search field at the top, tap the Search button, presses the icon on Messenger of Facebook (the blue comic with the lightning in the center ), then on the button Get and, if necessary, authenticated by password, Touch ID or Face ID to proceed with the installation. If you are reading this guide from your iPhone or Apple, you can quickly open the App Store by pressing on this link.

Once the app is started, if necessary, perform the initial configuration by following the on-screen instructions (you will be asked for things such as the activation of notifications and the phone number): once you reach the main screen, tap the Home icon located below, select the chat you want to retrieve messages (you can help with the search bar at the top to speed up the operation) and simply scroll back in the conversation to access the archived messages.

 How to recover deleted Messenger messages from Safari

How to recover deleted Messenger messages

If you do not want to install the Messenger app on your device or are looking for an alternative way to access archived messages, you can use the Safari browser, already installed on your device, and take advantage of the Web version of the Messenger platform.

First, start Safari from the app list of your iPhone or iPad, type in the top bar (or just touch the link directly, if you’re reading the guide to your device), press on the Share button located in the lower panel (the central one with an arrow pointing upwards) and then on the Request desktop site button that appears in the proposed new panel, to access the “complete” version of (you could need to swipe up, to display the Safari toolbar).

At this point, to access the archived messages, you just have to follow the same instructions that I have provided in the section about the Google Chrome browser for Android (then press the ⚙ button in the upper left corner and select the item Conversations archived from the new proposed menu).

 How to recover deleted Messenger messages permanently deleted

How to recover deleted Messenger messages

How do you say? You have not been able to solve your problem with any of the procedures described so far, since you need to recover deleted Messenger messages permanently deleted, therefore no longer present in the archive of past conversations?

Well, then I have to give you a bad news and a good news: the bad news is that, unfortunately, there is currently a fast and do it yourself method to recover chats and permanently deleted messages. The only small hope of getting something like this, at the moment, is to browse in the Messenger for Android cache as I explained to you a little while ago or to use programs for the recovery of deleted data like the ones I reported in my tutorial on how to recover deleted files from Android.

The good news, however, is that in some cases you can retrieve these messages by contacting Facebook support: if you do not know how to do, I suggest you carefully read my tutorial on how to contact Facebook to choose the most appropriate procedure. My personal advice, if I had to opt for direct contact via email, is to expose your problem using the English language.

How to recover deleted Messenger messages

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