How to record a video call

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How to record a video call

| lunedì 07 Maggio 2018 - 04:55

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How to record a video call

How to record a video call

If you’ve clicked on my guide, it’s probably because at least once you’ve thought about the possibility of recording a video call you make on your computer or on your mobile device. Probably the reason is the fact that you have distant friends or relatives that you hardly ever see and would like to record the video call you make with them. In this way, perhaps, you could look at it in moments of melancholy or show it to your grandparents, just to give you an example, which are not very well equipped with technology.

In the event that what I have described corresponds to your needs and you therefore need to record a video call, I imagine you are a person who does not have much experience and practicality with technology. Is that so? Well, you do not have to worry. My job is to help you solve your problem and allow you to reach your goal.

But what I ask you to do is pay close attention to all the steps that I will point out in the next paragraphs, as I will point out some programs and applications that could do for you, ensuring a satisfactory result. Are you ready to start? I suggest you sit comfortably, I wish you a good read.

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How to record a PC video call
Other programs to record a video call
How to record a video call from a smartphone

How to record a PC video call



The first program that I recommend to download is Bandicam as this software allows you to record audio and video from your computer based on the area set by the user.

It is distributed on Windows platforms for free and you can download it via the following link. You can also decide to purchase a license to unlock the registration minutes limit (in the free version the limit is 10 minutes) and to remove the watermark stamped on the video.

After clicking on the link provided to you, which links to the official website, click the Download button in the horizontal menu at the top.

You will then be redirected to the Download section of the website, where you will have to click on the red Download Bandicam button. A new screen will then open where the installation file will be automatically downloaded.

After downloading the file, double-click on it and then click the Yes button in the Windows User Account Control window. In the installation window, select the Italian language or english and click on the Ok button.

Then click on the Next button and then on the Accept button; then click on the Next button again, followed by the Install button. Now wait for the installation to finish and then click on the Finish button.

If Bandicam does not open automatically, click on its desktop icon. On the main program screen, you will now need to select one of the buttons to set the video capture air.

You can choose to capture video from your webcam or from any external source (Device Recording) or a game screen (Game Registration). Since your intent is instead to record a video call, you will then have to select one of the two buttons shown on the screen: Rectangular area or Full screen.

If you choose the latter option, you will be logged in your entire desktop and all windows that are open at the time of registration; choosing instead the rectangular area option, which I recommend, you can define a pre-established area of ​​your screen, in which everything that appears inside it will be recorded.

Then click on Rectangular area to bring up a box; then click on the icon with a triangle symbol in the upper left corner of the box. You will be shown a context menu where you will have to select the item Size and then Custom Size.

It then indicates the values ​​of the size of the box that must contain the video call screen; then click on Ok to define the area of ​​the rectangle. Then drag the rectangle over the current window of the program with which you are making the video call and then click on the Rec button.

The box will now have a red border to indicate that the recording is in progress. You can pause the recording at any time by clicking on the Pause button (symbol with two vertical lines) or stop recording by clicking on the Stop button (a square symbol).

When you have finished recording, you will find the video inside the Bandicam folder, which is located in Windows Documents. If you want to customize the settings, you can use the General, FPS and Video tab.

Other programs to record a video call

How to record a video call
To record a video call on your computer, you can then fix the problem quickly by installing software to capture the screenshots of your desktop. The program that I indicated in the previous paragraph is one of these, but there are many others that you can use. Below I suggest you some that could be for you.

Snagit (Windows / macOS) – It is a software to record the items that appear on the monitor and is available for a fee on both Windows and MacOS. You can use it to record the entire desktop or a portion of it, so you can perfectly crop the video call area. If you want to make a free trial, you can download the trial version and then evaluate its functionality.

Ecamm Call Recorder (macOS) – It is available in two versions: one for Skype and one for FaceTime. Each of these integrates with the respective programs to register the video calls made. If you are interested, you can download it for a fee or try the free version for the evaluation of its features.

Camtasia (Windows / macOS) – It is a video editing software that has a screen recording feature. This software is available on both Windows and MacOS, upon purchase of a paid license. However, you can download an evaluation version and check if it is suitable for your needs.


How to record a video call from a smartphone


On smartphones and tablets running Android, you can record a video call through external applications or through the internal functionality of your device, if any.

Not all Android devices have in fact a default function for recording the screen; in this regard, in this guide I will talk about how to use the Record Screen function as this is on the device I own (a smartphone Huawei).

To activate the native recording feature, scroll with your finger from top to bottom, at the top edge of your device screen.

You will be shown the Notification Center and the buttons for quick execution of some features. Then click on the icon indicating the words Record screen; then wait for the end of the short countdown to start recording the video.

By performing this procedure during a video call, it will be recorded and then saved in the memory of your device.

If you do not have a native screen recording feature, then you can use some applications for this purpose. One of these is AZ Screen Recorder, available for free in the Android PlayStore.

From your device, then tap on the link that I have provided you, to open directly the PlayStore; then tap the Install button and then the Accept button. Wait for the installation download to finish and then tap the Open button.

Once the application is launched, you will be shown icons on the side of the screen. Then tap on the Settings button and make sure the Record audio is on.

After verifying that the option is active, tap the back arrow to return to the main screen of your mobile phone.

AZ Screen Recorder

Then start the video call with your favorite application and then tap the AZ Screen Recorder icon you see on the side of your screen.

Then tap the red icon with a camera symbol and in the window that appears, tap the Start Now button. A countdown will then start, at the end of which the registration will start.

To stop it, just open the Notification Center of your Android device, with a swipe from top to bottom, at the top of your screen, and tap the Pause button or the Stop button.


Instead, to start recording a video call on your Apple device, you can use the function built into iOS.

To activate it, from the main screen of your smartphone, tap on the Settings icon; scroll through the entries and select the one with the heading “Control Center“. After having taped on it, then tap on the item Customize controls.

In this screen, locate the Screen Recording feature and tap the green button next to it, to add it to your Control Center.

Now start the video call with your favorite app and then swype from bottom to top at the bottom edge of your device screen.

You will then be able to view a new icon with a circle inside it; tap on it and wait for the end of the short countdown to start recording. Then exit the Control Center to record everything that appears on the screen, including your video call.

To block the registration, you will again need to reach the Control Center and tap the registration button.

How to record a video call

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