How to put personal blog on Instagram

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How to put personal blog on Instagram

| lunedì 23 Aprile 2018 - 18:50

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How to put personal blog on Instagram

How to put personal blog on Instagram

It’s been a long time since you registered on the popular photo social network owned by Facebook; you have your own Instagram account and, from the moment you spend time almost every day, you have already learned to use most of its most important features. Sometimes, however, matters that you do not fully understand fall into your attention. For example, you wonder why some famous people who follow on Instagram have, in correspondence to their username, the word “Personal Blog“, followed also by the indication of their Internet site. From the moment you are also the proud owner of a blog, I bet you would like to know how to add this particular writing to your profile, thus signaling to all those who follow you your distinctive presence on the Web.

If things are really like this and you’re wondering how to put your personal blog on Instagram, know that I’m here to solve all your doubts in a flash. In fact, you must know that seeing that written in an Instagram profile means that the account holder has a Facebook page and that he has made the connection between the two accounts. This possibility is open to all: just have your own Instagram account and a Facebook page and make the connection between the two profiles. This procedure will allow the passage from a personal account to a company profile. The link can be run at any time and brings with it several benefits, including the ability to access the Insight tool, allowing you to see the statistics of your Instagram profile.

How do you say? The question is of your absolute interest and would you like to know how to make the link and add the written Blog personal on Instagram? No problem, I can help you carry out this procedure. All you need is a few minutes of free time to be able to follow step by step the directions I will give you in this tutorial. Keep your smartphone in hand; you will need to use the Instagram application to perform this procedure. Are you ready to start? Yup? Very well! I wish you a good read!

How to put personal blog on Instagram – How to create a Facebook page

How to put personal blog on Instagram

Now that we have solved the mystery of the term “personal blog” within an Instagram profile, I imagine that, on a general level, you already have clearer ideas. If you want your Instagram profile to present the wording in question it is therefore absolutely necessary to connect a Facebook page to your profile of the social photo network, Instagram.

Have you not yet created a Facebook page because you do not know how? Do not worry, I can explain how to proceed in the lines that follow.

To create a Facebook page, the first thing you need to do is connect to the official Facebook website via a desktop browser. You can carry out the procedure of creating a Facebook page also from smartphones and tablets, but I suggest you do it from a PC because I think the steps are easier to do.

That said, once you will be connected to Facebook (and you will have then entered your data for access to the social network), you will have to click on the button located in the bar at the top that has the arrow symbol down. A drop-down menu will then appear in which you will then have to click on the words Create a page.

Now, through the next screen, you will be asked first to choose the macro category of membership of the Facebook page you want to create. You have the following choices available:

  • Local business or place;
  • Company, organization or institution;
  • Brand or product;
  • Artist, musical group or public figure;
  • Entertainment;
  • Cause or community;

As you can see, in this list of categories there is not the word personal blog and you will then have to choose the macro category that is closest to your needs. The categories of Facebook pages are important as they determine the segment of interest, but you can still choose a generic category and then change it later with a more specific.

To best choose the macro category to which your Facebook page belongs, I suggest you click on one of the boxes to display its relative drop-down menu that includes a list of sub-categories. Then choose the one that is closest to your case (for example Brand or product> Web site, or Artist, music group or public figure> Blogger), type the name of the Facebook page to be created and press the Start button.

This will correctly start the creation of your Facebook page. Subsequently, through a wizard, you will be asked to customize the page, adding the cover image and the profile image, before it is actually made public automatically.

In case you need to deepen the subject, I suggest you read my guide in which I explain in more detail how to create a Facebook page.

How to put personal blog on Instagram – How to change the category of a Facebook page

How to put personal blog on Instagram

If you have created your Facebook page following my instructions you will have well seen that there is no default category Personal Blog, but you can act from the page settings to change it as you like.

The page category is one of the elements that are automatically imported to Instagram once the link is made. As a consequence, if you want the word in question to appear on Instagram, you have to change the category of the Facebook page.

To do so, go to your Facebook page by clicking on its name from the Facebook sidebar and then click on the Information section which is usually found in the left section of the page (below the name). If you do not see it, click on the More item to view it.

Using the information screen on the Facebook page, find the General entry and click on edit in the Category menu item. Subsequently replace the previously set category with the word Personal Blog and then press Save to confirm the changes.

In this way the page category, now set as a personal blog, will also appear on Instagram as soon as you make the link.

How to put personal blog on Instagram – How to connect a Facebook page to Instagram

How to put personal blog on Instagram

By following my instructions step by step you have completed all the preliminary procedures and are now ready to perform the basic step. Very well! In the following lines I’ll explain how to proceed to connect your Facebook page to your Instagram account and get the word Personal Blog.

Before explaining in detail the procedures to be carried out, I would like to briefly inform you of the news that will be available automatically, once you pass from the personal Instagram profile to the company profile. In addition to being able to display the wording of the Facebook page category (in this case Personal Blog), the main advantage of the company profile is given by the possibility to use Instragram’s Insight tool: it is a section that shows the statistics by profile and post . In addition, at least 10,000 followers will also be able to include external links in the stories of your Instagram profile and you can promote (for a fee) Instagram images on Facebook.

That said, to make the connection between the Facebook page and the Instagram profile, take your smartphone and open the Instagram application by logging in with your profile data.

When logged in, tap the button with the symbol of the little man at the bottom right. As soon as you see the screen for your profile, tap the button with the symbol (…) or the button with the gear symbol. The first button is in fact visible if you are acting from the Instagram app on Android, while the second is related to the iOS version of the application.

You will then find yourself in the options screen, which you will have to scroll down until you find the words Account and the item Switch to a company profile. Once you have arrived at this point you can proceed to make the connection with the Facebook page you have created; you will see that, when the operation is finished, the written personal blog will appear on your Instagram profile.

To correctly connect between your Facebook page and the Instagram profile you have to press the Continue button four consecutive times. Then tap on the Choose Page item and check the previously created Facebook page you want to link. Continue by customizing the information related to your profile: you will be asked to enter an email address for contacts if you have not previously done so on the Facebook page. As soon as you have finished customizing the profile, complete the procedure by pressing the Next button and then Finish.

If you have followed correctly all the steps that I have indicated you will have successfully completed the connection procedure. The Instagram profile will have been transformed into a company profile and you will see the word Personal Blog appear. To add the link to your Internet site, click on the Edit profile entry in the screen of your Instagram profile and enter the link in the Web site text field.

At this point the procedure is finished and you can use your Instagram account as usual, taking advantage of the news that I spoke to you in the previous lines. Specifically, if you later want to use the Insight tool to view the statistics of Instagram, I suggest you deepen by reading my guide dedicated to the topic.

How to put personal blog on Instagram

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