How to make GIFs on WhatsApp

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How to make GIFs on WhatsApp

| giovedì 05 Aprile 2018 - 23:00

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How to make GIFs on WhatsApp

How to make GIF on WhatsApp

GIFs are now a fashion on Facebook, on Twitter and, in the end, for the joy of all lovers of these animated images, the GIF have arrived on WhatsApp! The popular messaging application has introduced support for these hugely popular images that have all of a sudden become a true method of communication. I bet you, too, like many other users of WhatsApp, you could not wait for the time coming. I also bet you’re wondering if there’s a way How to make GIF on WhatsApp, because frankly you do not want to install other applications to make animated images. Well, if this is the case, know that the answer to this question is affirmative: through the application of messaging you can make animated images, starting from a video.

How do you say? The topic is absolutely of your interest and would you like to understand if and how you can make the GIF directly in the application of WhatsApp for Android and iOS? All right, there’s no problem, I can explain it to you, and that’s what I’m going to do in this tutorial.

Are you ready to unleash your imagination? Keep your Android or iOS smartphone in hand, because I’m going to guide you step by step, showing you the procedure that will allow you to edit a video shot previously or recorded on the spot. Using the popular messaging application, you can turn that movie into a GIF. If you are impatient and curious to know more I suggest you sit up comfortably and get some free time; you will see that, if you follow my instructions, you will be able to create the GIF through WhatsApp in a jiffy. Without these due premises I can only wish you a good read.

How to make GIF on WhatsApp – How to make GIFs on Whatsapp (Android)

How to make GIF on WhatsApp

Following the most recent updates, the well-known instant messaging application allows a very simple and immediate way to realize a GIF to send in the conversations. It must however be specified that on Android devices, at the present time, it is only possible to create a GIF directly in the application; on iOS smartphones, instead there is also an internal search engine of GIF for sharing and possibly editing animated images.

However, making a GIF from a video made earlier or one recorded at the time is really simple on both devices. I’ll explain in the following lines how to proceed.

First of all, if you have an Android smartphone, know that you can make a GIF starting from a video in the memory of your device or create an animated image after recording a movie. All you need to do, to proceed in the cases listed, is to open the application of WhatsApp by tapping on its icon.

Once you see the start screen of the application, locate, through the Chat section, the user to whom you would like to send the GIF you have created. Then tap on the user or group name to open the conversation screen.

Now, tap the button with the clip symbol and, from the menu of choices that will be proposed, choose if you want to create a GIF starting from a video made previously (and that is then in the internal memory of your device) or if record a video on the moment and then turn it into GIF.

Depending on your choices, then tap the Camera menu item to open the camera and record a video on the spot, or tap the Gallery menu item to view the media gallery on your device and choose to turn a recorded video into GIF. previously.

In case you have chosen to record a video, then press the round button in the middle to record the movie and remove your finger from the round button when the recording is finished.

In the case where you have chosen to tap the Gallery button, you will have to locate and tap the movie you have taken (and which you want to turn into GIF) to select it. In both cases you should see the preview of the video and its timeline at the top of the screen: it will be through the timeline that you can act to turn the video into a GIF on WhatsApp.

To transform a movie recorded in a GIF, first select the portion of film you want to crop, using the appropriate markers in the timeline of the same. Once you have selected the segment, all you have to do is press the GIF button that you will see at the timeline. Pressing the GIF button instead of the camera symbol button will convert the movie to a multimedia image.

Once you have made the GIF through WhatsApp you can send it in the conversation you previously selected: just tap the arrow button located at the bottom right.

In the messaging chat the video will be converted into a GIF and visible as an animated image even by the recipient: just tap the GIF button to see the image animate.

How to make GIF on WhatsApp – How to make GIFs on Whatsapp (iOS)

How to make GIF on WhatsApp

As for the possibility of realizing GIF through the application of WhatsApp on iOS, as I told you, there are two possibilities. In a similar way to what I have explained to you for the application of instant messaging on Android, even on iOS you can turn a video into a GIF starting from a video recorded on the moment or one made previously.

In addition, on iOS, you can also use a search engine located within the application which will allow you to search for a GIF and make some basic changes before sending it. In the following lines I will explain to you how to proceed in both cases.

To create a GIF on WhatsApp, you must first open the messaging application on your iOS smartphone and, through the Chat screen, locate and tap on the conversation in which you want to send the GIF.

Now you have to tap the button with the symbol (+) located in the lower left corner. This will open a dialog menu and you will have to choose between tapping the item Photo and video library or saying Camera. In the first case will open the multimedia gallery of your device and you can choose a previously recorded video to be transformed into GIF, while in the second case you can record a video on the moment through the camera of your device, by pressing the round button in the middle.

In both cases, to turn the video into a GIF you will first need to identify the portion of the movie concerned by moving the appropriate crop marks in the timeline and then tap the GIF button (instead of the one with the camera symbol) located a little more down.

In this way the video will be transformed into a GIF and will also be visible in the conversation of the WhatsApp recipient. To send the GIF you just need to tap the button with the arrow symbol located at the bottom right.

Would you like to share a GIF on WhatsApp, looking for it through the search engine of which I spoke to you in the previous lines? It’s not a problem, I’ll explain how to do it.

Once you’ve tapped the conversation you want from the WhatsApp Chat screen, press the (+) button and tap the Photo and Video Library menu item. The integrated search engine will be activated on the next screen: just tap the magnifying glass button located at the bottom left to recall it.

How to make GIF on WhatsApp

On the next screen, you can view a list of popular GIFs and you can search for a specific GIF to send via WhatsApp. To search for GIFs to be modified using the search engine, just tap the word Search GIPHY and then type in the keyword corresponding to the search for the GIF. Once you have identified it, tap it.

Before sending it, you can possibly cut the animated image and modify it further using the traditional image editing buttons of WhatsApp (pencil symbol, smiley symbol or T symbol).

You can then send the GIF to the recipient of the conversation by pressing as usual on the button with the arrow symbol located on the right.

How to make GIF on WhatsApp – More apps to make GIFs

The application of WhatsApp allows you to turn a video into a GIF but it is rather limited with regard to the actual creation of animated images. If you often use GIFs as a form of communication in social networks and messaging applications, I assume you are interested in discovering the existence of new applications for their implementation.

So I want to point out, in the following lines, some applications that I recommend to download on your Android or iOS device and that you can easily use for the realization of animated images. Once you have created the GIF through one of these applications you can then share it on WhatsApp or on the most popular social networks.

  • GIPHY Cam (Android / iOS) – It is perhaps the most famous application dedicated to the creation of GIF, a completely free app created by the popular search engine for animated images, GIPHY. Through this application are made available many advanced tools for the creation of GIF including stickers, frames, filters and much more.


  • GIF Me! (Android / iOS) – It is one of the most valid applications for GIF. This application is also free and allows you to make GIFs from videos made previously or recorded on the spot. In addition to having tools for the aesthetic customization of animated images, it also features advanced options for editing them.


  • GIF Maker (Android) – Available for free but only present in the digital store of Android smartphones, this application allows you to easily create GIFs from scratch but also to download them from the Internet.

How to make GIF on WhatsApp


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