How to have so many like on a facebook page

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How to have so many like on a facebook page

| lunedì 07 Maggio 2018 - 15:30

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How to have so many  like on a facebook page

How to have so many like on a facebook page

Have you created a page on Facebook and after a comforting initial sprint the counter of “do I like” stopped going up? It is a fairly common situation, and more and more people are getting a page on the world’s most famous social network and keeping it high on high quality is not easy.

I’m sorry to tell you, but special tricks to get started getting up the number of like does not exist. You just have to work hard and hope for good. However, if you want, I can give you some “straight” about how many people  like on a page. They are simple rules of good management, not miraculous remedies, but long-lasting results.

If you need advice on how many people  like on a page, I can only start telling you: propose interesting content and, above all, care for every detail. This means that if you use your page, for example, to promote the content of a blog, do not limit yourself to posting links. And even when you do, do it intelligently.

Rather than simply postpone the post address to be promoted on the social network, post a nice photo and put a brief introduction to the article and a link to read it. Alternatively, when you place links directly, try to make them more “appealing” by changing title and description in the preview that Facebook generates automatically. Just click on it and type in the appropriate text fields.

In short, try to make your page “live” by posting original content and participating in user activity. Whenever possible, answer any queries you make, delete any spam comments or offensive content. In short, make your page a nice place to spend a few minutes while on Facebook and the “I like it” will not be too late to arrive.

How to have so many like on a facebook page

Another “starboard” that I can give you to have so many  like on a page is to take a look at your page statistics so you can understand what kind of audience you’re dealing with and find out what the content they are appreciated more. To access statistics on your page, you need to click on the Show button on the top right and click the Show All Show link next to the Insights entry. This feature is only available if you have more than 30 “I like” on the active page.

You will then be able to see various graphs with the scope (ie the number of people you have displayed) and the number of users involved for the posts you have posted, the cities of the users who visit the page (Fan card), their sex, their age (Portfolio tab) and so on. Having such an overview, you will be able to understand what your target is, and what are the content they have shown to appreciate the most.

How to have so many like on a facebook page

Last but not the least, make some publicity to your Facebook page (and emphasize the “healthy” concept) by inserting a like box on your website and inviting users to put them from time to time a nice “I like” it on it. But always in a courteous way, not cautious, otherwise you would get the opposite effect!

If you do not know how to create a similar box for your Facebook page, link here and complete the form that is offered to you with the address of your page and all the aesthetic features that must have the “I like” pane (width, color , etc.). At the end of the operation, you will get an HTML code to paste into your blog / website. Easier than that?

How to have so many like on a facebook page

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