How to get PlayStation Plus for free

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How to get PlayStation Plus for free

| giovedì 13 Settembre 2018 - 01:45

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How to get PlayStation Plus for free

How to get PlayStation Plus for free

You’ve just bought a PS4 and, after hearing so much about it, you can not wait to get into the world of PlayStation Plus, but you’re not willing to spend money before figuring out if this service is right for you. Before explaining how to get PlayStation Plus for free to decide whether or not to subscribe to payment, let me tell you a few words about all the benefits provided by the Sony service dedicated to its users.

First of all, subscribers to PlayStation Plus have the possibility to play in multiplayer sessions over the Internet, which is not allowed to those without the service: without this subscription, in fact, there is only one chance to challenge one on one, provided you have a local account on the challenger’s console (except for some free to play titles, which can be played online even without a PlayStation Plus subscription). But the advantages of PS Plus do not end there: you can play a title when downloading it, use advanced sharing features, get special discounts and exclusive access to demos and games in beta but, above all, enjoy free two games per month (which will remain playable for the entire duration of the subscription to PS Plus). The subscription, with all its advantages, can be used by the PS4, PS3 and PS Vita consoles.

How do you say? I managed to increase your curiosity and now you can not wait to get PlayStation Plus for free? Perfect: all you have to do is sit comfortably in front of your PC or your console, cut out a few minutes for yourself and carefully read all the instructions I am about to give you. I am sure that, at the end of the reading, you will not have any problem in reaching the goal you have set yourself. That said, I can only wish you good reading and have fun!

How to get PlayStation Plus for free for 14 days

How to get PlayStation Plus for free

Before going into the heart of this tutorial and explaining how to take advantage of the free trial of PlayStation Plus, I want to clarify that this possibility is reserved exclusively for SEN accounts that have never used the service: this means that, once the promotional period of two weeks, you will not be able to use them anymore if you do not create a new account and associate it with your console.

That said, the first thing you need to do to activate the free 14-day trial of PlayStation Plus is to log onto the PlayStation Plus website and click on the Subscribe to PS Plus button located on the top bar. Once the new page is loaded, press the Start button you find at the bottom of the button, then the Subscription button located in the bar on the left, type the login ID and password of your SEN account (Sony Entertainment Network), set the checkmark in the I am not a robot box and click on the Sign In button. Then press the Next button and, if necessary, fill out the proposed modules with the additional information requested, by clicking on the Next button. After completing the procedure, presses the Modify button, remove the check mark from the displayed boxes and select the Confirm button.

At this point you need to enter a credit card: the operation is mandatory, but you will not be charged anything until the end of the trial period. Click on the button Update your billing details, click on Add a credit card or on Add a PayPal account depending on the payment method you prefer, fill in the appropriate fields with the necessary information and, after completing the procedure, click on End. This way you have activated the free 14-day trial of PlayStation Plus.

If you want, you can get exactly the same result by acting directly from your PS4: to proceed, go to the console main menu, select the PlayStation Store icon and, once the upload is complete, choose the item PlayStation Plus that appears in the left bar . Go to the menu Sign up or renew your subscription, select the option 14 days, presses the Yes button and fill out the form with your credit card details (or your PayPal account).

How to get PlayStation Plus for free

At this point presses OK and Accept buttons and continues to confirm your subscription to PlayStation Plus. The subscription activated in this way is free for 14 days from the creation date, after which you will be charged 7.99 € via the payment method chosen, to unless you cancel the automatic subscription renewal (I will explain later how to proceed).

Telephone offers with PlayStation Plus for free

How to get PlayStation Plus for free

Some telephone operators, as a welcome bonus for new customers, give the opportunity to redeem a digital gift, that is a period of time in which you can freely use a digital service of your choice. Vodafone and Fastweb, with some solutions dedicated to fixed telephony, allow you to get one year of free subscription to PlayStation Plus.

Vodafone, in particular, offers this possibility to all those who choose the IperFibra Family rate: the plan offers unlimited calls to national landlines and mobile phones, unlimited FTTC or FTTH fiber internet up to 1000 Mbps download and 200 Mbps upload, and a SIM data with 1 Giga of Internet 4G included every 4 weeks, as well as a free PlayStation Plus subscription for one year.

To retrieve the PlayStation Plus voucher associated with your Fastweb subscription, you must connect to MyFastPage, log in and go to the Digital Life section.

How to get PlayStation Plus for free

Once you have obtained your personal code, you can redeem it via the Web as follows: connected to the dedicated section of the PlayStation Store, log in by clicking on the link at the top right, then click on your ID and then on Redeem codes. Re-enter your password if necessary and, in the form that appears on the right, enter the voucher code, click on the Next button and voila, you’re done!

You can perform the same operation directly from the PS4: access the PlayStation Settings, select the PSN (or PlayStation Network) items> Account Information> Portfolio> Add Funds, then press the X key on the controller and select Redeem Codes. Enter the voucher received at this point and select the Continue button: your subscription to PlayStation Network “as a gift” becomes operational. For the other Sony home consoles the process is slightly different: I will explain the necessary actions below.

  • PS3 (or alternative method PS4) – start the PlayStation Store, scroll down until you find the item Rede Codes placed at the bottom left and select it, enter the voucher code and presses on Continue.
  • PS Vita – access the PlayStation Store, press the Options button (…), select the Redeem Codes entry, enter the code and press the Continue button.

Also in this case, to avoid having to pay charges at the end of the promotional period, you need to deactivate the automatic renewal of PlayStation Plus. In case of problems, I invite you to consult the dedicated online help.

Disable the automatic renewal of PlayStation Plus

How to get PlayStation Plus for free

How do you say? Are you not going to spend money to renew your PlayStation Plus subscription? All you have to do, as I have already mentioned several times during this guide, is to deactivate the automatic renewal: in this case your subscription will be interrupted at the end of the free promotional period and you will not be charged anything.

To proceed, connected to the Internet site of PlayStation Plus, if necessary log in, click on your username located at the top right, then on the item Payments Management and move to Off the switch to automatically renew the subscriptions or pay for pre-ordered content (the button turns gray). For safety, I also suggest you to delete the chosen payment method: click on the arrow next to the item, then on the Remove and Yes buttons. If you had chosen PayPal, you will be sent an email confirming the cancellation of the debit agreement automatic.

You can get the same result directly from the PlayStation 4: go to Console Settings and go to PlayStation Network (PSN)> Account Information> Service List, press the X button on the controller, select your PlayStation Network subscription, then the Cancel voice automatic renewal and press the X button again.

If you have another Sony home console, follow the instructions I am about to provide you.

  • PS3 – open the XMB menu and select PlayStation Network> Account Management> Transaction Management> Services List, select the entry for the PlayStation Plus subscription, press the X button, choose the Cancel automatic renewal item and press the X button again.


  • PS Vita – from the Home screen start the PlayStation Store, choose the Options button (…) and then the Service List item, select the item related to PlayStation Plus and press the Cancel Automatic Renew button.

Remember that this must be done at least 24 hours before the “natural” expiration of the PlayStation Plus subscription, otherwise you may be charged for the renewal of the subscription (which you can then use until the next deadline).

How to get PlayStation Plus for free

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