How to do for download Happy Wheels

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How to do for download Happy Wheels

| mercoledì 12 Settembre 2018 - 01:55

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How to do for download Happy Wheels

How to do for download Happy Wheels

You are not a big fan of video games, but the idea of ​​being able to switch off from work and spend a couple of minutes relaxing has pushed you to look for a nice free pastime. Your search was interrupted when you heard of Happy Wheels, a nice little game in which they dress up as unfortunate characters that most often end up completely disintegrated.

In Happy Wheels, in fact, you can choose one of the eleven characters available and try to bring it safely to the finish line, avoiding dangerous obstacles that could jeopardize its progress. Despite the serious injuries, the character is able to continue on condition that he never loses the grip of his means of transport (wheelchair, bicycle, lawnmower, helicopter, scooter etc.), which varies depending on the character selected.

If you think this is the game for you and you are sure to be able to bring your character to the end of each level, read this guide and you will find all the information on how to do for download Happy Wheels and play on computers and devices furnishings. Are you ready to start? Well, then get comfortable and spend a few more minutes reading the next paragraphs and I can assure you that you will quickly succeed in your intent. Good reading and, above all, have fun!


  • How to do for  download Happy Wheels on your computer
  • How to do for download Happy Wheels on smartphones and tablets

How to do for download Happy Wheels on your computer

How to do for download Happy Wheels

If you’re wondering if Happy Wheels is available for computers, the answer is yes but you should know that no installation is required. To play the video game developed by Jim Bonacci it is sufficient to have an Internet connection and a browser equipped with the Flash Player plugin, such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Safari for Mac.

First, check that your computer has the latest version of the popular Abode home plugin installed. In this regard, you can read my guide dedicated to updating Flash Player to learn more.

Completed the update of Adobe Flash Player, you are ready to play! Start the browser and connect to the site, then authorize the execution of Flash Player by clicking on the appropriate button of the browser (the icon of the puzzle piece or piece of Lego), presses on the voice Games and click on Play now option for Happy Wheels. In the next screen, wait for the loading of the game and presses on Play to start the latter. The commands to be used are as follows.

  • Arrow up: to move the character or vehicle forward;
  • Arrow down: to go back;
  • Right arrow: to lean forward;
  • Left arrow: to lean back;
  • Space bar: to brake or jump;
  • Shift and Ctrl: actions that change depending on the level;
  • Z: to leave the vehicle.

If you prefer to customize the controls of the game and associate them with different keyboard keys than those mentioned above, in the main game screen, presses on the Options item and click on the Customize controls option, then select the white space for the command to change and presses on the key of the keyboard that you have decided to associate.

Let’s take a practical example: if you want to use the letter M to jump / brake, select the white space labeled Spacebar next to the Primary action item and press the M key on your keyboard and you’re done. To restore the default commands, you can press Restore defaults button, and to return to the main menu click on the Back button at the top left of the player.

How to do for download Happy Wheels

Now you are ready to start playing! Then press the Play button and choose one of the many available levels, such as Jerk Soul, The office, The hotel, Dimensions, Speed ​​bridge, BMX Park and many others, while pressing the User level browser button you can choose one of the levels created by other users . Pencil then on the level you’re interested and click on the item Play now to start the game and “command” your character.

To pause the game you can press the Menu button on the bottom left, while you can press on Resume to resume playing, on the Mute option to turn off the sound or click on the four arrows icon for the whole function screen. In addition, other features are available: Restart level to start the level again; Change Player (if the level allows it) to change the character; View replay to view the replay of the last play; Save replay to save the video of the play; Add to favorites to add the level to the favorites list and Exit to menu to go back to the previous menu and choose a new level.

Some features, such as saving replays and adding a level to favorites, require free registration. Pigia then on the Register button at the top right of the site and enter your details in the fields Email address, Username, Password, then select your gender under Gender choosing one of the options between Male, Female and Unspecified and add the checkmark next to Yes or No to show your email address on your profile page.

To complete the registration, enter the CAPTCHA code in the Insert text field and click the Create profile button. Within a few moments you will receive an email containing an activation link: press it within 7 days to activate your account.

How to do for download Happy Wheels on smartphones and tablets

How to do for download Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels is also compatible for mobile devices, but the moment I write this guide is only available for iPhone and iPad. On the official website of the game, it is specified that a version for Android is being processed, even if no release dates are specified.

Before downloading Happy Wheels on your iPhone or iPad, make sure your device is compatible with the game: if you have an iPhone 4S, iPad 2, iPod Touch 5, iPad Mini 1 or later, you can proceed with the download of the game.

Then start the App Store by pressing on its icon (the white “A” on a light blue background) in the home screen of your Apple device, then tap on the item Search placed in the menu below, type “Happy Wheels” in the Search field present at the top and press the Search button.

In the search results list, find Happy Wheels (should be the first result) and presses on his icon (a man with a helmet) to access his descriptive card and view Details, Reviews and Related. Now, presses the buttons Get and Buy to proceed with the download of the video game and, if required, enter the password of the Apple ID or use the Touch ID or Face ID to confirm your intention.

The download speed depends on your Internet connection, however, the Happy Wheels app has a weight of 47 MB ​​and, therefore, you will have to wait only a few moments for the download to complete. After downloading and installing Happy Wheels, press the Open button or tap on its icon in the home screen of your device to start playing even without an Internet connection.

Now, tap the Play button, swipe to the right to select the character and press the number of the level you want to play. To control your character, press the right arrow icon to move forward, the left arrow to go back and the up arrow to jump over obstacles, while you can tap the Pause button to stop the game and resume it at a later time.

The free version of Happy Wheels presents some banner ads that you can remove with an in-app purchase of 2.29 euros. On the Happy Wheels main screen, tap the gear wheel icon and press the Remove ads option.

If you have Android and you have not yet resigned to the fact that Happy Wheels is not available on the Play Store, you can always consider playing through your device’s browser by connecting to the site and following the procedure previously described for computers . But you must know that Android has ceased to support the Adobe Flash Player plugin for several years, but through apps like Puffin Browser you can still play Flash content on Android. For more information about it, I leave you to my guide on Adobe Flash Player for Android.

How to do for download Happy Wheels


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