How not to be spied on the phone

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How not to be spied on the phone

| martedì 29 Maggio 2018 - 06:30

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How not to be spied on the phone

How not to be spied on the phone

The news of the last few months unfortunately have told us of many cases of informatic espionage perpetrated to the detriment of tens of thousands of users. In many cases, crackers (“bad” hackers, who use their computer skills and skills to spy and / or harm others) spy on their victims “sneaking” into the object they carry with them virtually anywhere: the smartphone. For this reason, you asked yourself how not to get your cell phone spied and, by doing an online search, you came across my blog.

Well, let me tell you that you’ve come to the right place at the right time! In the following paragraphs, in fact, I will describe briefly what are some of the most common techniques used by cybercriminals to spy on their “victims” and I will show you some practical steps you can take to avoid unpleasant intrusions in your mobile phone. Quiet, I will avoid getting lost in technicalities and, as usual, I will use a language that everyone can understand: including you, that you do not exactly believe you are an expert in computer science.

Are you still interested in knowing what you can do to avoid spying on your cell phone? Well, let’s not lose ourselves in further talk and get right into the highlight of this tutorial. Make yourself comfortable, take all the time you need to read the information in the next paragraphs and, above all, implement the “tips” that I will give you. Enjoy the reading!

How not to be spied on the phone – Techniques used to spy on cell phones

How not to be spied on the phone

Since many hacking techniques rely on users’ information gaps, the first step you need to take to avoid spying on your cell phone is to have a general understanding of the main hacking techniques used by cybercriminals: in this way, you can avoid falling in some insidious traps that annually make millions of “victims” worldwide.

How not to be spied on the phone – App-Spy

One of the techniques preferred by crackers to spy on mobile phones has to do with the use of so-called “app-spy”. As easily understood by their name, these applications monitor, or better, spy everything that the user does on their smartphone: the incoming and outgoing calls, the text typed on the keyboard, the apps used, the messages sent and received , the geographical location of the device, etc.

Some spy apps can even access the camera and microphone of the device they are installed on, which allows crackers to see and hear their “victim”. I know, it’s disturbing, but it’s what unfortunately they manage to do with these rather advanced software.

Now that you’ve learned how “powerful” and, above all, dangerous these spy apps can be, you’re wondering if you can find them and eventually eliminate them. Yes, of course! For this purpose you can use, for example, some apps for monitoring energy consumption, such as Wakelock Detector (which I talked to you in depth in the article in which I explain how to save battery on Android devices). It is well known, in fact, that these malware “eat” a lot of battery.

If your “investigations” will give “positive result” and then you understand that you have installed app-spy on your phone, immediately remedy the situation by deleting them. You can find useful information in this regard in the guide where I talk in depth about how to delete spy software on the phone. I’m sure that reading will be useful to you too.

Ah … I almost forgot! If you nourish the suspicion that spiarti are your own parents or your jealous girlfriend, be careful even in the presence of any applications for the parental control (such as the famous Qustodio) or those anti-theft (as Cerberus), which could be improperly used as a spy software. I told you in detail about this kind of application in the tutorial where I explain how to spy on an Android device.

How not to be spied on the phone

How not to be spied on the phone – Social engineering

In spite of what someone might think, crackers also act “offline” and they do so using the so-called “social engineering“, which exploits in a masterly way the ingenuity and inexperience of the users. How is this particular technique perpetrated? Usually the cracker – usually backed by one of his accomplice – approaches his potential “victim” and with an excuse asks him to lend him the phone.

If the user falls into the trap, the cracker takes advantage of the situation to install some app-spy on the device of his “victim”: doing so can calmly monitor his activities (as I have already explained a few lines more on). You’ve probably already figured out how you can defend yourself from this dangerous hacking technique: not lending your smartphone to complete strangers. It is trivial as a solution but tremendously effective, believe me!

How not to be spied on the phone – Phishing

Phishing is one of the “older” techniques used by crackers to spy on users, but also one of the most effective. What is it about? The cybercriminal sends to his potential “victim” a text message or an e-mail containing a link.

If the user clicks on the link in question, it is sent back to a Web page created ad hoc by the cracker who, with an “excuse” (eg, the request to reset the password) may prompt him to reveal his access credentials to social networks network or home banking services.

In other cases, the user may be invited to download a file or application (obviously an app-spy) that can continuously monitor the activities of the latter. There is only one way to defend yourself from this insidious trap: ignore any suspicious links received via SMS or e-mail.

If you want to try to reduce the number of unsolicited e-mails that could potentially contain malicious links, read the guide in which I explain how to block unwanted e-mails: you will find it very useful. In any case, it is always waiting for what is sent to you, even if it seems to come from secure sources, and reminds that banks and social networks almost never ask to reset account passwords via email.

How not to be spied on the phone

How not to be spied on the phone – Cameras spy

If you have already read the guide for spy cameras, you will surely already know that this kind of devices can take very small dimensions, some can even be worn in the jacket pocket or take the form of a pen or other objects in common use. As if this were not enough, they can be purchased at rather affordable prices.

For the reasons just listed, if I were you I would be careful to type on the smartphone (when you’re in public, of course) the passwords to access your various accounts, your credit card data or other “sensitive” data. If those around you have a spy camera with you, they might be able to steal this kind of information and without too much effort.

How not to be spied on the phone – How to avoid having your cell phone spy

How not to be spied on the phone

Now that you understand how the “enemy” acts, you are finally able to understand how not to let you spy on your mobile phone using the devices listed below. You will see, if you scrupulously follow my “tips”, you will considerably reduce the chances of being spied on by cybercriminals (within the limits of the possible, since absolute security does not exist in any area).

How not to be spied on the phone – Use a secure unlock PIN

Using a secure unlocking PIN is the first step to avoid having your cell phone spying. Avoid the release by the sequence (it could be easily picked up by those who “buzzes” around) and uses a PIN or password that are long and difficult to guess (your name, your date of birth or the name of your cat they are not good!). Moreover, if your smartphone allows it, it enables the unlocking via fingerprint and / or face recognition.

Have not yet enabled the unlock PIN on your mobile phone? Fix it right away: if you have an Android terminal, go to Settings and then tap on Security> Screen lock> PIN. If you have an iPhone, however, start the Settings app and presses on the Touch ID and code (or Face ID and code, if you have iPhone X)> Add Code (or Change Code).

How not to be spied on the phone

How not to be spied on the phone – Hide notifications in the lock-screen

Even if protected with a good PIN or a good unlock password, a smartphone can always reveal sensitive information via its lock-screen: the home screen showing the time and the latest notifications received.

If you want to avoid that some nosy see the last messages you received, go to your device settings and block the display of the most “sensitive” notifications (like the messages) in the lock-screen. These are the steps to be taken.

  • Android: Go to the Settings> Security> Screen Lock> PIN menu, set a PIN and choose the option to hide only sensitive content.
  • iPhone: go to the Settings> Notifications menu, select the app for which you do not want to display notifications in the lock-screen (eg Messages for SMS) and remove the check mark from the Show on lock screen option.

How not to be spied on the phone – Update the operating system

The operating systems of smartphones may present some bugs that may endanger the safety of users: it is also for this reason – as well as to enjoy new and more advanced features – that you have to update the operating system of your device every time you a new update is released.

If you want to check for new updates for your smartphone and use an Android terminal, go to the Settings> Info on the phone> System Updates: if there are new updates and you want more info on how to install them, read my analysis on how update an Android device. If, however, you have an iPhone, you can check for new software updates by going to the Settings> General> Software Update menu. If updates are available and you want a hand to install them correctly, read my tutorial on how to update iOS.

How not to be spied on the phone – Use an antimalware

If you use an Android smartphone, I suggest you use an antimalware, in order to reduce the chances of installing malicious software. On your Android phone is already installed Play Protect, the antimalware “made by Google” that verifies the reliability of the apps you download from the Play Store, but I suggest you to download any third-party solution. like Avast Mobile Security or Mobile Security & Antivirus by ESET, which I explained to you in the tutorial on the best antivirus for Android devices.

Do you use an iPhone? Unless you have “unlocked” it via jailbreak, you do not need to install an antimalware. iOS, in fact, is quite safe and difficult to attack; also due to the lower number of attacks it suffers from being installed on fewer devices (compared to the “rival” Android). If you have submitted your device to the unlocking procedure and you want to make it more secure, remove the jailbreak following my tutorial on the topic.

How not to be spied on the phone

How not to be spied on the phone – Hiding apps containing “sensitive” data

Some apps, like those of messaging services, social networks and home banking services, contain some of your most “sensitive” data: to prevent this information from being seen by family members who lend your smartphone, hide apps in question.

If you do not know how to hide the apps installed on your devices, read the tutorials where I show in detail how to act on both Android smartphones and iPhones.

How not to be spied on the phone – Avoid public Wi-Fi networks

Now the stones know it too: public Wi-Fi networks are very vulnerable to cyber attacks, as they could be used by crackers to perpetrate the so-called “sniffing” of data. If you really need to connect to the Internet when you’re away from home, use your carrier’s data connection.

How not to be spied on the phone – Lower the audio in call and the brightness of the display

Themes that those around you can listen to your call or read the messages you write on your phone? Well, then immediately run for cover by adopting some practical trick: lower the audio in call and the brightness of the display. A simple but very effective solution.

How not to be spied on the phone

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